5 Tips For Healing Your Stomach And Increasing Longevity

Your stomach does so many things: it keeps bad organisms out and it processes food which gives you energy and life.

Thus, having a strong and healthy gut is essential for maximum quality of life. Anything less and your day to day living will suffer.

So here is how to keep your digestive system from prematurely aging:

1. Load up on bulk: Just make sure you don’t take fiber supplements as some studies have shown that fiber supplementation can increase colon cancer risk. Although counterintuitive, the studies show this. So get natural fiber from vegetables.

2. Drink water often in small amounts: Drinking purified water is one of the best ways to help you digest food more efficiently. The key here is to drink water in between meals in addition to drinking during meals. Doing so will help you retain the water you are drinking which is critical for maximum effect.

3. Keep a log of how food reacts in your stomach: Without accounting, how are you supposed to know what is going on. You see, certain people react differently to certain foods. So make sure you start keeping note of what your body doesn’t react well to. And keep in mind that you don’t have to do this forever. Once you identify the culprits, you can stop.

4. Eat good fats: Believe it or not, bad fats can decrease the health of your stomach in addition to the health of your arteries. So make sure you stick with monounsaturated fats and omega fats. And definitely stay away from fast food chain french fries since they are loaded with artery-clogging trans fats.

5. Move around: The simple act of standing and moving around can help speed up the transit of food material through your system. Gravity is the main helper here. So make sure you don’t sit in the same position for too long or vegetate.

A healthy stomach will lead to a healthy life. Thus, it behooves you to keep your insides healthy. Just make it a point to act on this information. Because information that isn’t acted upon is forgotten!

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