A Few Things To Know If You Wish To Become A Lifeguard

A lot of people may think that being a lifeguard is all exciting and fun because you can just get to loaf around at the pool, sitting in the lifeguard chair putting on trendy sun glasses while doing practically nothing. However I will tell you that becoming a lifeguard isn’t as effortless as you may believe.

You need to realize that once you accepted the duty as being a lifeguard, you’re bearing a large responsibility simply because others lives are relying on you. It is your job to ensure everyone is adhering to the rules keeping them selves safe and sound.

When someone gets drown, you should be the first person to not only notice it but to instantly leap into the water and try to your very best ability to rescue them, using the proper saving procedures. In other words, their lives are within your hand. Failing to do this may get you in trouble as you may face legal punishments.

Here are 5 tips which i would like share with you if you’re seriously contemplating to become a lifeguard.

1. The chlorine level of the pool can be reduced by 1ppm every hour in the course of warm weather it is essential to determine the chlorine along with other chemical level just about every hour or so.

2. Never sit excessively in the chair because you can get too comfortable and might fall asleep. Make an effort to stand up from the seat and go walking around the pool once in a while to get your body moving.

3. Be sure you get enough sleep and maintain a healthy diet because you don’t want to feel exhausted and lethargy in your shift.

4. Make sure everybody is adhering to the rules, if you see somebody breaking the guidelines quickly warn them with a whistle. It is your job to enforce the rules.

5. Check the medical box or gear and be sure everything is in place just in case you actually require it.

Lenard Whyde is a full time writer who writes for http://www.lifeguardcertification.org and other websites.