Steven Milton

What Are Low Carb Foods?

The low carb diet trend has swept the country as an effective weight loss method. There are many benefits to beginning a reduced carbohydrate diet. If you or someone you know is beginning or considering this weight loss idea, you may want to become familiar with all of the great tasting and healthy low carb foods.

Teeth Diseases FAQ

There are various teeth diseases that may affect our teeth. They are as a result of various factors. Most of these diseases can be treated if detected early enough.

Tooth Whitening FAQ

Would you like a bright new smile? It may make you look and feel younger. In time, tooth enamel can grow dim and become discolored. Scrubbing them will not be of much help. Are you searching for a whiter smile? Consider this teeth whitening overview.

Teeth Whiteners FAQ

Your teeth are integral part of your smile, and if they are stained or discolored this will affect your appearance. This is the major reason why teeth whitening procedures have gained tremendous popularity amongst Americans, with over 30% of them tried or interested in tooth bleaching. Teeth whitening can work wonders for many people, and this is a proven fact. We are born with teeth, which are not stained and have beautiful natural color. As we grow older the teeth get stains and discolor from various foods, drinks, certain drugs and external damages. Some foods, and beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and nicotine have pigments that stuck in the tooth enamel, which causes stains and discoloration.