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Be Aware Of The Three Illnesses Affecting Prostate Health

[I:] Ask 10 men this question…What is a prostate? I bet 7 out of 10 don’t know what it is. Fifty percent of men over 60 have symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Ninety percent of men over 70 have the symptoms.In this article you will learn What prostate is. Prostate’s 3 most common problems. Can …

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Finding Out More The Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali extract has received acclaim as a testosterone producer and bodybuilding herbal remedy as well as a possible anti-cancer supplement. These benefits were confirmed in tests performed by the London Sports Journal in 2003 and in two tests completed by ZRT Laboratories in early 2005. As a recognized treatment for erectile dysfunction, the demand for the extract is now worldwide.

The Causes Of Male Sterility And What To Do About Them

For years, researchers were never sure about the exact causes of male sterility and why the semen production seemed to be functioning abnormally. But, according to researchers at the University of Southern California, “It is plausible to speculate that male infertility may be added to the growing list of adulthood diseases that have resulted from fetal origins.” Their data, published in the December 12 issue of Public Library of Science One, found that men with low sperm counts had unusually high levels of methylation, which is one way the body regulates gene expression. As an embryo develops, epigenetic reprogramming and DNA methylation takes place. USC Professor of obstetrics and gynecology Rebecca Sokol, M.D. explains, “Disturbance of epigenetic programming can result in abnormal gene activity or function, even if there is no change in DNA sequence.” While the precise reason for infertility is still to be determined, there are many other risk factors and approaches to infertility treatments for men.