Clear Braces or Wire and Bracket

There are a couple of options available to you when deciding how to straighten your teeth. The technique that has been around the longest is the wire and bracket method. Within the last 10 years a new technique using invisible aligners to straighten teeth has become available.

The metal wire appliance encompasses the use of metal wire being placed into stainless steel brackets. The metal wire and bracket formation are used to move the teeth into the desired location in your mouth. The invisible form of moving your teeth to the desired location in your mouth is a newer technology. They are clear plastic aligners that move your teeth that allow you to hide the fact that you are having your teeth realigned.

There are positive and negative aspects of both forms of teeth realignment. The metal wire and bracket contribute to the existence of food becoming trapped in between the wire and your teeth and possibly becoming lodged near the bracket. This form makes brushing your teeth more challenging. There are also aesthetic factors to consider. People will not see your white teeth; they will see the metal in your mouth. This product has been well tested and has been around longer than the invisible teeth straightening technique. This adds credibility to the use of wire and bracket technology. Individuals that are concerned with aesthetic factors can choose the invisible technique. This technique allows for your teeth to be realigned without anyone knowing, as they can be removed there is also the possibility of misplacing the clear plastic aligners when they are removed in order to allow you to eat.

While the two options produce the same results, deciding which method to use depends on your preference. If aesthetics are important to you, the invisible technique is something to consider. Society will not be able to tell that you have the cases over your teeth, as they blend into your mouth. The wire and bracket methods effectiveness is well documented. Choosing a method that has a longer history may out way your concerns surrounding aesthetics.

The use of metal can create skin irritation, if you are allergic to metal. If you are not aware of a metal allergy, check with an allergist to determine if you have this allergy before deciding which method to use. There is currently no documentation surrounding an allergy associated with the plastic liners, however, scientific knowledge changes daily. Therefore, during your decision making process you may want to look into whether or not you are allergic to plastic.

When deciding how to fund your teeth realignment you may be able to go through your insurance provider or obtain a loan. Going through your insurance provider is usually the method most people take. However, some organisations exist that allow you to take out a loan to pay for the procedure.

The length of time commitment to either method is dependent upon your particular situation. If you have more work to be done to correct your teeth, it will take longer. It does not matter which method you choose, both will take a long time to complete the work if you have more work to complete.

Visit your local dentist for more information about the options available to you for straightening your teeth and go for the option that suits your circumstances best.