Cosmetic Dentistry Helps You Put on a Happy Face

More emphasis is being put on appearances and ones smile. Cosmetic dentistry is being promoted more as these services are being sought out. There are entertainers that are even turning to cosmetic options for getting gold plated teeth. The most popular patient is still someone wanting the straight, bright white, clean smile.

There are many dentists out there that specialise in everything from crowns to veneers. They may only do smile beautification in their office, and little other work. You have to consider this type of specialist as more of an artist with what they are doing for you.

There has been an increase in patients coming in to replace the older amalgam fillings due to some mercury concerns. Amalgam fillings can cause the tooth structure to expand and some patients might not be able to get a filling but will need an onlay or inlay or even a crown. If the older amalgam filling has any decay or cracking, the procedure would usually be covered under ones insurance as it would not fall under just a cosmetic replacement.

You can now find a dentist that have special systems in their procedure rooms that will allow a custom crown or inlay to be made while the patient sits in the chair. You will avoid the typical minimum two or more visits. A 3D image is taken of the mouth and the system will guide the cutting of a custom crown that will then be placed at the visit.

They also help patients that have missing teeth and want to check into getting partial dentures, bridges or even implants to replace those teeth. They can go over many options with you and pricing as some options are more affordable. They can also setup a series of work, to spread costs out over time, along with the work.

Always check the dentist you will be seeing and make sure they have a good rating. If you have insurance, make sure their office takes your insurance. Ask to see if they will offer a cash discount for any services not covered by your insurance or give you the contracted fees of your insurance company.

Some services might need to be referred out to a specialist. This happens if any problems with your gums are found and need any work before cosmetic services can be performed. Your teeth will need to be healthy and they will make sure no Endodontic (root canals) work needs to be done. Without the proper foundations, cosmetic dentistry can only go so far. Getting the most out of the work being done is the first goal.

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