Dental Implants: Natural Feel and Appearance

Dental implants are made of titanium and serve as a support mechanism for prosthetics like crowns or bridges. Their purpose is to imitate the tooth’s actual root. They are screwed into the bone of the jaw which then osseointegrates. This creates a strong bond that is natural in look and feel.

The history of this procedure dates back to the Mayan civilization from over 1300 years ago, long before the advent of the titanium used today. Archaeologists found a mandible of a young woman who had shell pieces in tooth sockets which had replaced actual teeth.

Around 1950, titanium began to be used in issues relating to bone throughout the body. The titanium was found to bond well with bone. A patent was filed in the late 1960s while research continued to be done. Today upwards of seven million people worldwide were making use of this technology.

This procedure is highly effective with a success rate of nearly 95%. Bone quality, practitioner skill and oral hygiene all play a part in the success rate. These things lead to stability. This is the ultimate goal. If osseointegration does not occur, the process will not work. Smoking raises the risk of this happening. It is advisable to quit smoking prior to the surgery.

Contraindications do exist. Any disease that delays healing could lead to disqualification. Treatment with oral bisphosphonates can lead to osteonecrosis. This could result in disqualification. Teeth grinding can also create problems related to stability. Thus, those with bruxism (teeth grinding) are often not good candidates.

X-rays and CT scans are required prior to surgery. The practitioner needs to determine the best angle of implantation. These are helpful in that determination, especially the three dimensional CT, or computed tomography, scan.

Two surgeries are usually necessary to complete the procedure. Healing time varies from 2-6 months or even more. Complete healing is crucial in order for the prosthetic to be secure. Dentists typically choose to err on the side of caution in this case and allow a longer period of time between steps. The placement of the prosthetic happens in step two.

Dental implants have helped millions of people deal with problems such as tooth loss without giving up their favourite foods. Unique and personal facial features can also be preserved.

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