Getting Healthy Food From Organic Food Industry

The organic food industry has had incredible growth over the last 15 years. People have become healthier savvy and have been demanding a lot of foods that they eat, attempting to eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible and free of any harmful chemicals. There have come to be more and more regulations on the organic food industry to ensure that the same standards are practiced by farmers in numerous states so that when an individual buys organic foods, he is sure to have the same quality no matter where he goes.

One organization which has been formed for this oversight over the organic food industry is the Organic Trade Association. This organization promotes this standard application of the Organic Foods Production act.


The organic food industry doesn’t use chemical fertilizers and pesticides on their plants but instead use natural means of fertilization and removing pests. You will find different planting techniques and also the use of insects and birds to reduce the amount of damage that is done to the plants, vegetables and fruits. With meat products, the farmers and ranchers use natural means of feeding them so they are fed quality grains and are permitted to graze versus being penned up the most of the time.

They also refuse to use the hormones and other chemicals which are introduced to the animals in traditional ranching since they can have harmful effects on the people who eat them. These hormones are still in the meats in trace amounts as well as in dairy products so that the people who eat them are also ingesting the hormones. That means that kids are developing faster than in the past since they have been affected by the hormones based on particular studies.

The organic food industry has also taken off because of the public health scares that have happened in the meat, fruit and vegetable industries in recent years because of the chemicals which have been used on and in them. People who are trying to eat healthier will turn to the organic food industry, paying the higher costs because they want foods that are as natural as possible for themselves and for their families. Often they’ll turn to raw food diets so the vegetables and fruit are consumed as close to their natural states as possible, thus getting the most nutrients out of the foods that are consumed.

After producing food, the next thing that has to be done by food industry is to distribute the products. Here, the food industry is advised to use used conveyors that can save a lot of money and to know about automated conveyor systems to make the process of distribution easily.