Have You Been Inadvertently Hurting Your Diet?

We all realize that the best foods for our weight loss plans are lean meats, whole grains and healthy fats. These foods load us with protein along with energy. They keep our bodies balanced nutritionally but don’t stuff us full of empty calories that may later need to be burned off at the gym. Are you aware, however, that a number of the foods you’ve been thinking are very good for your diet plan could actually be making you retain weight? They might be even adding unhealthy calories to your body! Here are some of the foods that may be undermining your diet attempts.

Sports Drinks aren’t serving you at all. You have probably been told that the sports drink is the proper way to replenish your body’s electrolyte levels after a workout. Most physicians agree, however, that if your exercise session is shorter than ninety minutes, drinking water should be fine. Sports drinks could completely challenge your diet program because they are filled to the brim with sugar, empty calories and artificial colors and flavors. Choose chocolate milk for your beverage as an alternative. Your body uses the sugar in the chocolate for muscle mass repair and everyone knows how good milk is for you.

Skip that protein shakes. Lots of people think that ingesting a protein shake is a good way to curb cravings between meals. When you happen to be eating an otherwise healthy diet, however, a protein shake just sends you into protein overdose. No matter what other people imagine, protein is not stored in the muscles, it is stored in your body as fat. If you’ve already eaten your daily allotment of protein that day, your body will just store the extra in your fat cells for later and that won’t enable you to drop pounds or inches.

Pre-packaged deli meat isn’t as useful to you as you might think. You likely think that a sandwich that is made out of pre-packaged lean deli meat and whole grain bread is a pretty good lunch. Actually, pre-packaged deli meat has way too many preservatives plus sodium (one portion contains about a third of the amount of sodium you should eat in a day). This is going to be especially dangerous if you are at risk of contracting heart disease. Instead of selecting deli meat, choose home cooked chicken or other poultry or fresh deli meat that you can get sliced at the deli counter. Yes you’ll pay more money for these selections but you will be healthier if you choose them.

There are all sorts of things that we think will help us lose weight: eating a whole wheat bagel in the morning, by way of example is actually a lot worse for you than a bowl of oatmeal with some cinnamon sprinkled into it for flavor. Ask your doctor which items are the best to eat and then follow the directions you are given. If you are mindful about precisely what you take in and treat your body well, losing weight should not be that big of an issue for you!

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