Here Are Some Healthy Low Calorie Cake Alternatives

Anyone who has been on a diet knows how hard it can be to resist those hunger pangs in between meals. Often times, the reason why so many people fall off the wagon is because they don’t have time to bake a low calorie cake that would fit their diet regimen. Here are a few tips on how to beat those hunger pangs with healthy low calorie meals.

If you are the kind of person that has a sweet tooth, try some sugar free jello instead. A pack of this low fat dessert only has 10 calories. If you are one of the millions of chocoholics out there who feel guilty every time you give in to your favorite dessert, why not try some sugar free chocolate pudding. It is simply delicious and will cost you only sixty calories.

Just compare that to the amount of calories you gain gobbling on a Hershey’s bar and you know you’ve found a way to satisfy your chocolate craving without feeling guilty afterwards.

If you are in the mood for something crunchy, why not try some pickles to munch on. These come in many varieties from sweet to spicy. The Vlasic Dill Spears pickles are softer and a little bigger but packs only ten calories. The Whole Gherkins are a bit small but are really crunchy and has zero calories per serving.

If you prefer more substantial low calorie meals, then why don’t you put your choppers on a tasty piece of Melba toast? It only has 19 calories for those who are watching their weight. While you’re at it, spread a little love by dabbing some fat-free cream cheese and a slice of cucumber and you’re on your way to low calorie meals nirvana.

If you are looking for something to wash it all down without gaining a few pounds in the process, there is a healthier alternative than diet soda; it is called sucralose an alternative low calorie sweetener. It is usually found in diet sweeteners like Splenda. Diet iced teas like Snapple and Lipton use Splenda as a sweetener and is a better alternative than those bloated diet soda beverages.

Get plenty of free thoughts on low calorie cake here. An increase in bodyweight is not a concern if you try eating low calorie meals.