How To Drop Weight Fast, Said The Tortoise To The Hare

I have a friend who is quite overweight, and has been “wanting to lose weight quickly” for the past few years. They have been on numerous fad diets, hunger strikes, diet pills, you name it. Progress has been little to none, but this has not deterred them. They are still adamant, years later, that they need to lose weight quickly. As bizarre as this is, it got me thinking. Perhaps the “slow and steady” method is, in fact, how to drop weight fast.

Lets start with looking at why there are so many over weight people today. The majority of food consumed these days is processed food. This is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic. Overweight people run a high risk of developing life threatening conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. These people can be robbed of quality of life, and have their lifespan reduced.

We need to get over this idea of changing everything overnight. Remember, we want to do this the quick way. And the quickest way to succeed is to progress one manageable step at a time. You will not change poor eating habits overnight. It is too easy to develop bad eating habits, especially with all the deceptive, so called “healthy foods” the food giants are pushing on us. To successfully make and keep good food choices will require making small and gradual changes to your diet.

A good start would be to exchange the bowl of chocolate frosted sugar bombs for some oatmeal. This can be accompanied by some fruit, and maybe some nitrate/nitrite free bacon. If most of your meals are takeout, perhaps you can start to prepare meals at home one or two nights a week. The nights you do eat out, start making some healthier choices. Occasionally have a salad instead of fries. If you can introduce a new small change every second week, and keep it in place, your bad eating habits will soon be behind you.

Eating healthy food will see your health improve, and your weight will begin to drop. However, as your body adjusts, the rate of weight drop can reduce. This is where you will have to increase your metabolic rate. This is done through exercise. You don’t have to begin a full gym routine. Just start off doing more than you did previously. Maybe some star jumps on the spot before you have a shower. You changed your food habits gradually, now change your exercise habits gradually. As your fitness improves, you will need to add something else to your routine, to keep the metabolism going.

Healthy food and exercise will get you the results you want, but there is one more factor that is needed if you are to succeed, and that is commitment. The successful road to good health is not an easy road. You will occasionally fall off the side, or stumble backwards slightly. But your commitment to your health will make the difference between getting back on track, or giving up. The path of fad diets is a loop. It has no happy ending. But the narrow and occasionally steep path you are on is the fast path, because if you stay committed, you will succeed.

After each stumble, don’t beat yourself up. Remember your commitment. Shake off the cake crumbs and resume your journey. The more you progress and see results, the better you will feel. How to drop weight fast will no longer be a mystery, as you reunite with your health.

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