How To Get Summer Ready Skin

Summer is definitely one of the nicest season that people love. They can bare their skin and go sunbathing and swim as much as they want. So many people will also do a lot of activities like camping, trekking and even mountain climbing. All of these activities will all mean much exposure to the sun. You should prepare yourself for the sun if you want to enjoy summer much. This page will be able to help you prep your skin for summer.

Number one, always go to your dermatologist so you can have your pimples and other skin concerns treated. It is not wise for you to be aggravating your skin condition especially during summer. It is quite a practical thing to go to your dermatologist and be free from the skin concerns that you have months before your summer adventures.

Next, purchase products with various SPF. This will help you protect your skin from the harsh UV rays. Thus, you need to purchase products with high SPF’s if you are going to the beach or trekking. Keep in mind that Sun Protection Factor is actually the actual amount in minutes that you are allowed exposure to the sun without getting sunburned. The normal minutes that you do not get sunburned when you are exposed to the sun is actually twenty minutes. All you need to do is to multiply 20 to the SPF indicated on the product and you have the minutes that you are protected from UV rays.

Third, make sure that you hydrate well. Remember that you have to drink water more during hot days. Usually we only have to drink eight glasses a day. On hot days and on days where you are more active you also need to drink more. The reason for this is that you lose body water much more easily during hot days due to sweating and vapors escaping from your breath.

These are some of the things that you can follow to help you protect your skin from the sun. You need to see your dermatologist before you even begin your summer adventures so that they can address your skin concerns. It is imperative that you keep sunscreen always stocked up and apply some before you leave the house.

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