New Parent Manual – Baby Skin Care Techniques

There is more to baby skin care than most parents realize. Proper care of infant skin involves keeping the whole baby clean. Newborn babies are very susceptible to skin conditions because it takes time for the skin to get used to life outside of the womb. Practicing proper baby skin care means making smart choices throughout the day. Everything from the soap you use in the bath to the clothes you put him into will affect the condition of your baby’s skin. Don’t stress out too much though: practicing good baby skin care does not have to be intricate or hard. All you need is some common sense and you will be fine. Here are some hints that you can use to help you as you figure out your new routine.

This is why you, as a parent, need to have a skin care routine ready to go as soon as your baby is born. The earlier on in life you start teaching your child the importance of caring for his or her skin the better prepared he or she will be for fighting acne and other issues when they get older. Here are some hints others have found helpful when developing a baby skin care routine.

You don’t need to use powder when you change your baby’s diaper. Many people use powder because it is supposed to soak up moisture and keep the baby dry inside his diaper.

When you shop for baby skin care products read the ingredients carefully. Dyes, phthalates, parabens and extra fragrances should be avoided. These are all ingredients that have been known to cause things like rashes and other skin conditions. After all, the last thing you want to do is accidentally cause a skin condition to develop after taking so much care to keep your baby’s skin clean. Choose skin care products that are gentle on the skin. To make sure that the products you use are good, ask your pediatrician for skin care reccomendations.

Be protective of your baby’s umbilical cord stump. Don’t pull it, rub it or play with it. Swab some rubbing alcohol on it a few times a day until it falls off. Besides this wash, leave it alone. Forego giving your infant a “real” bath until his or her umbilical cord stump falls off. Folding down the top edge of your baby’s diaper is the best way to keep the diaper from accidentally irritating the umbilical cord stump. The stump is easily infected which is why you want to make sure to keep it extra clean. Talk to your pediatrician about the best way to care for the stump and the spot it leaves behind after it falls off.

Your baby’s umbilical stump is fragile–be careful around it. Rubbing it, pulling on it and playing with it are bad ideas. The only contact should during the few times a day that you swab it with rubbing alcohol. Other than that, leave it alone. Don’t even give the baby a full bath if the umbilical cord stump is still in place. Folding down the top edge of your baby’s diaper is the best way to keep the diaper from accidentally irritating the umbilical cord stump. The stump is very sensitive so you want to make sure that it does not get irritated. The stump will leave behind a spot on your baby–talk to your pediatrician about how to best care for that spot. It is easy to get intimidated by baby skin care when you are a new parent. It will be tempting to go overboard with baths and cleaning. Believe it or not, it is pretty easy to practice proper baby skin care. It won’t take you long to learn that keeping your baby clean and caring for her skin (or his skin) is little more than keeping the baby out of dirt and practicing some common sense. Not to worry: you’ll learn eventually!

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