Odd Ways To Figure Out If You’re Having A Boy

Most women just want to know if they are having a boy or girl. A sonogram is the best way to find out the sex of a baby, but there are other ways of figuring it out. Many strange methods for determining the gender of a fetus have arisen over the years.

The first factor is where you’re carrying the baby. The position of your baby determining the sex has been refuted by scientists, but this isn’t science. If you’re carrying low there is a good chance you’re carrying a baby boy. The idea is embedded in our culture, and helps to give women some hope. No matter what the science says, there are plenty of women who can attest to this as a sign that they were carrying a baby boy.

The heartbeat of the fetus is another way to tell if it’s a girl or boy. Girls tend to have high heart rates. Anything above 140 beats per minute would indicate a girl. Anything slower than 140 beats per minute indicates a male child. This idea has been acknowledged by some doctors even if it is not completely scientific.

Many people think that your cravings during pregnancy can tell you the sex. Girls, apparently, like sweets, but boys like sour. So, if you’re eating sour candies, sucking on lemons, and sauerkraut a boy could be in your future. Cravings for food could be related to the sex of the baby, but that doesn’t mean eating sour food will help your cause.

Fathers go through changes during pregnancy as well. It’s not nearly as obvious, but when men change during those nine months it could be a sign that you’re having a girl or boy. Weight gain amongst husbands is an indicator that a girl is coming. When men don’t gain any weight that tends to indicate male progeny is coming.

When your face is breaking out you may be on to something. Changes in the way a woman carries her weight have been linked to the gender of a fetus. Women carry their weight differently, but this is something that could be linked to the “glow” of pregnancy. If your face doesn’t fill out you’re likely to be carrying a boy.

Women’s hormones rage during pregnancy, and her face may flush. However, if your face doesn’t flush it might be the boy inside you. Women’s faces don’t tend to change dramatically when they are carrying a male child. This could have something to do with the “glow” of pregnancy. This theory can be also supported by a little science because it can cause breakouts, etc.

The old wive’s tales can tell you some strange ways to learn the gender of your baby. Some women have even mixed a little of their urine with Drano to see what color it changes to. The possibilities are endless in this area. There are a million weird ways to see the sex of the child you’re carrying. It can be a fun adventure if you like being surprised when the baby comes. If you don’t like surprises you should head to the doctor for an ultrasound, but the adventure is more fun.

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