Ordinary Kitchen Staples Can Give You Whiter Teeth

A bright smile makes a better first impression. There are many reasons for our teeth to appear dull. Everyone appreciates dealing with smiling person. Visiting your kitchen may save you a trip to you local pharmacy or dentist office. A few common pantry staples can be valuable alternatives to expensive procedures or products.

It’s a simple fact that some people’s teeth are naturally whiter than others. You inherited many of your traits from your ancestors, and this obviously can’t be altered. The truth is, not many people have teeth that are white and perfect looking. Most people do not realize that, but while we each have a unique color to our teeth we often eat and drink things that will stain them. You can either get your teeth cleaned and whitened professionally or find products that you can use at home. Hydrogen peroxide is a favorite solution used to bleach teeth. This substance will whiten your teeth if you use it as a mouthwash. However, this is not recommended as a regular practice, as over time it erodes the enamel of your teeth and doesn’t only kill harmful bacteria, but the beneficial kind as well.

One will not only help to make your teeth brighter, but the other one will help to give you a fresh breath. Carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and acidic items are all chemical whiteners that have ingredients that will disperse the stains on your teeth. However, you have to understand that all of these different methods will break down the enamel on your teeth. As a result, this says that you cannot apply too much pressure when brushing your teeth or brush them too often when dealing with abrasives.

Your general dental health is greatly impacted by the amount of enamel that remains on your teeth. Your risk for cavities is much higher when you have either absent or worn down teeth enamel. If the enamel on your teeth is gone or damaged for various reasons, you teeth will turn yellow for good.

Little or no enamel is a reason to worry about the overall dental health. Damaged or absent enamel can mean a greater risk for cavities. If the enamel comes off or is tattered, then the color of your teeth will change to yellow forever.

As you can see, there are very traditional as well uncommon strategies for brightening your teeth. However, you should abide a few rules when you are using teeth brightening techniques on an infrequent basis. If the material is coarse or abrasive, then do not continue brushing or scrubbing too hard. That plus find out if what you are using is either acidic or basic as both have the potential to remove your tooth enamel with prolonged exposure.

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