Organic Food

If your nation represents top Organic Food retailer then it depicts the success story of your nation by own. It depicts that the corporate sector in their nation is growing at a faster rate. However, here, the term corporate word has been used just for the Organic food. As per the association of organic Trade, there is a total business of about 27 billion US dollars within the yr 2009 to 2010.

If we talk in regards to the Organic Food retailer internationally then particularly in Northern America, this business is on the top position and hence we are going to have some discussion on the top 5 retailers in North America from where, Organic food is distributed to the remaining region across the world.

The first Organic Food retailer is the Wal-Mart. If we discuss something on the numbers of consumers of this retailer then these are assumed to be near about 200 Millions. However, they all have been related to this retailer through different 8446 retailer units. As far as the financial success of this firm is concerned, it has been continuous. It’s estimated that by the end of 2011, the business is going to expand up to 405 billion US dollars. Individuals are normally being blame of mislabeling and for getting Organic food of lower integrity. Secondly, Organic Food retailer is the Whole foods markets. As far as this firm or retailer is concerned, it is assumed to be the major supplier of organics to the rest of the retailers.

There are such a lot of sorts of organic items that are sold out from this company inclusive of organic products of private labeling and hence, this is the reason why, the business of this company has increased up to eight billion by the end of 2010. As far as the employers of this Organic Food retailer is concerned, there are total 54000 in numbers and with the help of them, about 270 such shops are being run in UK and in the northern America. As per the recent survey accomplished by the World society, this retailer has been voted as probably the most benevolent retailer. This retailer has repeatedly been on this business for a long time. Third retailer who delivers Organic food at affordable rate is the Trader’s Joes.

As far as this Organic Food retaileris concerned, this is increasing day by day. There’s one specialty related to this retailer which is manufacturing of organics food at the same time. It goes on delivering the same with one of the best quality. It has been the record of this retailer that there is best quality of the Organic food. The estimated sales of this retailer are at eight billion. Its shops have been scattered internationally in more than 25 different states and hence in total, it has 325 stores. Another retailer is the Safeway. It’s supposed to be the biggest retailer in United States of America. Another and last retailer of such foods is Costco. It has in total 527 Stores and working with 103000 workers.

justlife(TM)is the first approved organic retail franchise by Ministry of Entrepreneur and Co-operative since February 2005. It is founded and under the management of justlife group sdn bhd. justlife(TM) is the result of our passion for quality organic lifestyle. Our first organic shop was started in 1999 when organic was still new to Malaysians.