Proactiv Formula from the Eyes of a Consumer

As a three stage endeavor, Proactiv Solution treats acne as well as your overall skin health. This product goes beyond the acne condition and offers a more well-rounded approach to skin care. A parallel approach is used by other acne products on the market. Proactiv has been highly successful and maybe more recent products have used their ideas to improve newer products. But can find some confidence in the fact that this product was invented by dermatologists. Their background education concerning skin and acne leads one to feel confident in their creation. Some of your questions will be answered in our of Proactiv Solution.

Proactiv was initially introduced using a familiar approach that utilized benzoyl peroxide. For several people, this compound was too harsh. At 2.5% irritation and redness were still experienced by some individuals. This was not seen by a majority of users. This three step process includes a lotion, skin toner, and cleanser. Redness of the skin is to be expected as this chemical peel leads to new skin. Sunlight exposure may need to be limited due to sensitivity. Those with hypersensitive skin have been listened to at Proactiv. They introduced a reformulated system designed for those who may be sensitive to benzoyl peroxide. The salicylic acid that is now used, as an alternative, performs several key functions. This compound works will to eliminate bacteria that causes acne, similar to benzoyl peroxide. Additionally, it is used as an exfoliant chemical. Oily sebum that has gathered in your pores is evacuated as Proactiv enters your pores.

As soon as the refreshing toner has been used and dried, Proactiv’s skin repair lotion should be applied as soon as possible.

Proactiv’s skin repair lotion will be used on the appropriate areas immediately after the revitalizing toner is used and has dried.

The renewing lotion is used for the same thing as the benzoyl peroxide. After your face is completely clean, this ingredient gives you deep antibacterial action. It is important to recall the bacteria that causes acne is on top of your blemish as well as beneath your skin. This explains why antibiotics can really help acne as it gets to all of the skin bacteria.

In order to make the correct decision on using Proactiv, will be based on your degree of acne as well as other conditions. Of course, if your skin is prone to irritation, you may want to take special care not to touch your face too much. If your hands are the slightest dirty, you will in effect be clogging your pores if you wipe your face with your hands. Seemingly insignificant, these practices can have a wholesome outcome. You will be offered many endorsements on the Proactiv site. The wisdom evolved from the use of the product will be available to you.

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