Review Your Daily Activities: Getting Overweight And Loving It

Nobody wants to become fat. But just in case you’re tired of being called Mr. Bones or Skinny Man you can always find some activities that can make you fat in no time. But that would kind of defeat my purpose of writing this article so I suggest you take heed of the things that I’m about to mention because they might just save your life. The following are four daily activities that can make a person fat.

Watching too much TV is first on my list. There’s really nothing wrong with treating television-watching as one of your recreational times (even if it is not valid as one) but if doing it steals your time for exercise and other worthwhile activities then that’s when the problem comes in. Another problem is when we couple watching TV with snacking. I don’t have to explain further what it does to your body. Your solution here is to limit TV to 2 hours per schedule, like 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening.

Health should come first before career. What good can career give you if you are lying flat on your back due to hypertension? This is so obvious and you might have realized it yourself by now that sitting behind your desk for 9 hours straight is not good for you. Yes you will be able to produce more for your job but what about your health? You’ll produce more fat if you just sit there! At least do some stretching once in a while to avoid slowing down your metabolism and gain fat.

Drinking alcohol is not wrong. I want to be clear with that one. Nevertheless, you might want to control your drinking habits to avoid acquiring various alcohol-related diseases. Another negative effect of too much alcohol is weight gain. Calories that you get from drinking beer specifically can make you fat if added up quickly to your body because of heavy drinking.

Lying on bed for an extra 30 minutes can make you fat. Why? Because it makes you feel lazy and when that happens you will find it hard to perform your daily activities especially during the weekend. Discipline yourself to get out of bed as soon as you wake up from an eight-hour sleep to avoid gaining weight fast.

Again, if you want to become fat do these things on a regular basis. But if you want to remain healthy, then have to slow down with these activities. They are really good activities actually but just like everything else, overdoing them will result to negative things.

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