Teeth Whitening Strips Summary

Do you have yellow teeth and would like a sparkling smile without having to visit the dentist? Well, the most simple and cost-effective method is to get teeth whitening strips. They are a preferred choice of a lot of people and are also quite simple to use. Cheap and easily available, these strips are also makeup for your teeth. If you have to attend any occasion (where you are forced to smile!) you can simply apply the strips for a white shine.

How to Make Them Work

Whitening strips are basically plastic strips, having hydrogen peroxide, a good oxidizing agent, to eradicate all the stains on your teeth and bring back the lost sparkle. You will find the strips available in pairs, where they are designed to easily accommodate the upper and lower teeth. All you have to do is use the strip, twice a day, placing it on the teeth for 30 minutes. If you stay consistent, you will see visible results within 15 days.

This procedure has been preferred by many people who find it much more convenient and cheap, with having to spend just around $15 for these strips. The whitening strips for teeth can be purchased from any of the drugstore located in your area and after using them you won’t be requiring a professional dental whitening treatment. The strips are comfortable and though they are made out of plastic, they don’t tend to be irritating, painful or even itchy. It is far better an option for teeth whitening than using the liquid teeth whiteners.

Negative Aspects Whitening strips

Though teeth whitening strips are easy and fun to use, you must understand that teeth whitening strips are bleaching agents and when you use bleach, you rip the teeth of its natural elements. Teeth can become weak and prone to being broken easily. Plus if the strips are not applied carefully and they come in contact with the gums, they can burn the delicate tissues of gums and mouth. Another problem is that the strips are not flexible enough to reach through the inner teeth and therefore, only the front part of the teeth would be seen as white, while the inner teeth may remain as they are.

In case you are having yellow or discolored teeth, you had better pay a visit to a dental clinic and get the necessary treatment of your teeth because mostly germs-infected teeth get yellow. They may also cause bad breath. So, it is vital to consult a dentist before going for teeth bleaching because the teeth plague may aggravate the situation if you ignore it. Get scaling done so that all the grime could be removed from your teeth. Once you are all clear with plague free teeth, then you can apply these strips once in a while, for a good white shine. It is however suggested not to use the bleaching products that often since they can damage your teeth.

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