The Best Way To Avoid Pain Caused Due To High Heels

All would surely agree that wearing a pair of nice stilettos can immediately jazz up the most plain and ordinary look. Try wearing a really simply trouser or a skirt and team your garments with a stunning pair of stilettos and you’re certain to look worth million bucks. High heels can instantly add oomph and style to your character.However,wearing heels come with its own share of flaws also. Heels if worn for long can pave way to issues like discomfort in the legs which can become quite bothersome. Well this does not mean that you need to stop wearing heels altogether. Let’s throw some illumination on the methods that may help you prevent the pain coming from wearing heels for long.

It is essential to make note of the fact that wearing heels do not cause any pain, provided they’re worn the correct way. It is for this reason not every lady suffers with the issue of pain when they wear heels. The only way to stop such pains is to select the appropriate shoe size for yourself. If you are not wearing the correct size and wearing an ill filling pair of heels you are bound to deal with irksome discomfort in your legs. Wearing too tight shoes is the prime culprit for pain in the legs on wearing heels.

Another factor you’ve got to pay close attention to in this context is to check the height of the heels you’re wearing. It’s been noted that wearing heels of great height can simply put forth the difficulty of discomfort in many women. If you can not do without wearing high heels at all, the least you can do is to cut down on the duration for which you wear them. When you are wearing high heels make sure that you walk in them for a minimum span of five minutes. This will give you fair idea that the height of the heel is OK for you or not.

You could also determine the acceptability of the heels by standing against the wall and rising on your toes. Try and lift your heels as far off the grounds as practical. The opening between the ground and the ankle should be the ideal height of your heels.

Even if you are trying to avoid pain caused due to high heel, there could be situations where you will have to bear with the agony. In case you are experiencing pain, stretching your calf muscles can be of serious help. Simply lie down on the bed and try to stretch your toes and hold them until a count of 5. Now bring back your toes in the standard position. This will help stretch the calf muscles.

Soaking your feet in warm water also proves to be of great help. Take some warm water in a bucket and submerge your feet in it. This could help relax your feet and take away the pain. Guarantee that the water is not too hot, else you will end up burning your skin.

So go forward and tread in those hot high heels, but while you do the same, do not forget to adhere to the tips given here. Naturally, comfort is a very big price to pay for a little bit of style.

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