The Importance of a Woman’s Health Assessment

Taking care of yourself is key to quality of life living. Eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water and regular exercise are the things we focus on to stay in top shape. There are other ways to take a proactive position for your health’s sake. Women have the ability to partake in regular screenings to ensure their good health will remain so.

Women should get regular health assessments. The importance of a women’s health assessment is to assist women in catching problems early on. Early diagnosis leads to early treatment. Treating a health problem at the onset, will be most effective and can keep small issues from becoming large. Health problems which are found can be addressed right away, and hopefully controlled right away. Thus, a woman will refrain from being unprepared when a medical condition arises.

Taking part in a health assessment is not complicated. Such health assessments are even accessible through online websites, such as Women can be given an online medical consultation. Women can, then, download and print their lab requisition to bring to any LabCorp location and have blood work and a common urinalysis done. Blood work results are usually available online through the same website a woman got her lab paper work from. Also available to patients are online consultations following testing results being made available. This allows patients to ask questions about varying methods of treatment.

Not only can a health assessment detect an issue and save a woman’s life, which can then be cared for, but a thorough health assessment may also save you a large amount of money relatively. This is, once more, due to early detection of health conditions which may require treatment. By receiving treatment before a condition has much time to grow, less time and money will be expended for treatments. Along with this,it is also at less discomfort and inconvenience to the patient.

A women’s health assessment will usually run tests for quite a few common health issues found amongst women. Women’s health assessments target some major functions of the woman’s body. According to, tests will include a Electrolyte Panel, Renal Panel, Hepatic Function Panel Hemoglobin A1c., Estrogen Total, Routine Urinalysis, Fertility Test, Iron and TIBC, CBC With Differential/Platelet, and Thyroid Panel with TSH, Lipid Panal with LDL/HDL Ratio. In the case that a patient has a particular concern, she would like to be screened for, this could be discussed during her online consultation so that it can be added to the list of screenings to be administered.

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