The Importance of Sunrise Light in Curing SAD

Winter blues or technically called Seasonal Affective Disorder is stated to be triggered by the lack of accessible sunrise light or natural light in general. This phenomenon is said to be the cause of the usual tendency of humans to get lazier and lackadaisical whenever the weather is cold and gloomy.

This article will explain the makeup of this health and psychological phenomenon and how having a dose of sunlight truly helps in repairing and countering the effects of the depression brought about by this disorder.

Our body is believed to conform to a natural clock cycle called the circadian rhythm. And natural lights including sunrise light, sunset, dawn, and dusk play a significant role in the synching of our bodies to our natural environment’s cycle. Studies say that our everyday wakeup and sleep cycles are influenced by a certain hormone referred to as serotonin. A boost or decrease in production of these hormones in our system affects our desire to remain awake as well as the urge to obtain to sleep. And, the presence or absence of natural light greatly affects how rapidly quick or slow these hormones are produced.

Essentially, when there is an abundance of sunlight, our body produces big sums of serotonin, and as one may possibly anticipate the serotonin secretion is hampered down when light is absent. Serotonin is identified to cause individuals to be active, alert, cheerful, and most of all, awake. Which is why, generally, we are a lot more lively and active in the course of daytime than on night because light aids the production of these hormones.

And also, that explains why SAD is largely related to the lack of natural light since the absence of light causes the lowering of production of these hormones thus, resulting to having supposedly night-time experiences such as sleepiness and tiredness, to be felt during the whole duration of the day.

The significance of light in dealing with SAD is highlighted by many light therapy methods that are currently being practiced and carried out by psychiatrists and physicians in curing their SAD patients. There are various lighting devices that are sprouting nowadays that could aid the elimination of the effects of SAD much faster.

Devices such as SAD lamp, lightboxes, and full spectrum lighting are just some of the obtainable lighting therapy products at the marketplace today.

They might come with varying descriptions with them, with diverse structures, functionalities, and prices, but they all have the exact same one major purpose and that is to assist a person fight SAD by acquiring a dose of simulated natural light.

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