The Leading Cause Of Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth look extremely repulsive and while there is a consensus on this statement people still have doubts what causes yellow teeth. Spotting the cause is inevitable to treat the problem, since if you know well about the causes of yellow teeth you may be in a better position to uproot the problem.

Well there are several reasons that can cause yellow teeth discoloration. Among them the most common ones are aging factor, eating habits, diseases/drugs and lack of proper oral hygiene. Some of the basic reasons of yellow teeth are described below to assess ourselves and to see how improvements can be brought about.

1.Aging: It is one of the most normal reasons that leads to teeth discoloration. As you grow older, your teeth start losing the luster they used to have in the peak of your life. Discoloration in teeth starts occurring with the growing age so you need not worry if you fall in this category, as it is a natural process and is treatable.

2.Eating Habits: This is a reason that is damaging the whiteness of teeth to a great extent in people of every age. In case you are indulging yourself in unhealthy eating that is eating things that can damage the whiteness of your teeth, you will get terrible results within no time. Things like coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and alcoholic drinks are all going to play their part in yellowing your teeth. So, if you want to keep your teeth white, make sure you do not take such drinks a lot.

Apart from these drinks, you also need to avoid berries, chocolates and other sugary food items. The sugar products can speed up your teeth discoloration drastically. So make sure you avoid too much of eating sweets etc. Moreover, people who love smoking and can’t spend a day without puffing on their cigarettes are also going to put up with yellow and unappealing teeth. Infact, it is also quite challenging to remove the stains of teeth, yellowed due to such unhealthy eating practices. Therefore, be very careful.

3.Diseases: Various kinds of ailments and afterwards their drugs can lead to yellow teeth. Some of the drugs that are mostly referred to as teeth yellowing are tetracycline and high blood pressure medicines.

4.Lack Of Oral Hygiene: It is also a primary reason leading to yellow teeth. A lot of people do not brush and floss their teeth regularly which is quite essential, especially before going to sleep.

Regardless of the category you fall in, it is vital to pay a visit to a dental clinic as a professional doctor can properly advise you what should be best for you. In case your problem isn’t that severe, you can always use over-the-counter whitening products available online.

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