The Trends For The Growth In Organic Food Industry

There has been more information than every before available to people about the healthy aspects of the sorts of foods which they consume. Persons are more health conscious than ever before, such as those individuals who have now reached retirement age and are much more worried about staying fit and strong for years to come.

You can even find individuals who become concerned for their pets, evaluating pet foods to see if they really contain ingredients which are healthy for their beloved animals. All of these concerns and information awareness have resulted in an improvement in the organic food industry, and trends are leading a lot more in that direction in the future. The organic pet food industry has been growing since these people who are growing more health conscious are also applying what they learned to their choices in pet foods.


The trend for growth in the organic food industry has been shown by the market growing from about one billion dollars in 1990 to about twenty billion dollars in 2007. It is a huge trend for development in the organic food industry, and has increased the interest of marketers in numerous areas across the food and health care world.

One trend in the organic food industry is to move from health food stores into mainline food markets. Where it used to be difficult to get organically grown foods in a grocery shop in the past, today almost all grocery stores will carry at least some naturally grown products in their product and meat sections so that individuals have more of a choice in that area.

Another trend in the organic food industry is for 100 % natural ingredients to be used in other health care products like skin care products. Instead of these products being created from petroleum based ingredients and other preservatives and chemicals; these products which are made naturally are using natural fruit and vegetable ingredients so that it is best for the skin.

Since there has been such a growth in the organic food industry, another trend is that there are many laws governing the production and labeling of organic foods and also watch dog organizations who monitor how farmers and ranchers are producing their products. For foods to be organic there cannot be any pesticides and fertilizers which are chemically based. In addition, there can’t be any genetically altered plants or animals used in organic products if they are sold under that label.

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