Top Hair Loss Products on the Market

Hair loss products have come a very long way in the past 10 years. Chemicals like Finasteride and Minoxidil have been proven to regrow your hair and have now been made available. In this article I’m going to take a look at three of the best hair loss products on the market: Scalp Med, Provillus and Propecia.

1. Propecia – You are going to need a prescription for Propecia. In a 5 year study of males with mild to moderate hair loss, just under 50% of men that were treated with Propecia experienced some hair regrowth, and 42% had no further loss of hair. Propecia is for men only. There are a few side effects associated with Propecia such as depression, erectile dysfunction and impotence.

2. Provillus – Provillus is one of the leading hair loss products. No prescription is needed. Minoxodil is the active ingredient in Provillus which has been clinically proven to slow or stop hair loss and promote hair growth. Provillus sells a women’s version of their hair loss product which is popular.

With Minoxidil there are no sexual side effects and it’s perfectly safe to use. Dandruff and an itchy scalp are the only side effects. Provillus also contains moisturizers to counteract the dryness. In addition to the topical solution (which contains Minoxdili), Provillus comes with a dietary supplement containing herbs, vitamins and minerals which encourages the growth of healthy hair.

3. Scalp Med – With Scalp Med you don’t need a prescription. It contains Minoxidil plus moisturizers to combat itchiness. Scalp Med also provides additional vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It is also available for women and costs $350 for a six month supply.

The cost of Provillus works out at just over $1 a day. Most men and women suffering from thinning hair would happily pay that to grow some hair back. Combine the value of Provillus with its effectiveness and it’s fair to say that Provillus is one of the best hair loss products on the market.

For information on how to purchase Provillus in Canada visit Provillus Canada.