What Are the Symptoms of a Yeast Infection?

Many women are infected by a common infection known as yeast infection every day. Although there are many women who are aware of yeast infections as they have been through the entire healing process, many are still unaware of the symptoms of a yeast infection and how it can affect them in their daily lives. There are three known symptoms of this infection that a woman needs to take note of.

A woman may experience extreme itchiness in the genital area if this infection is present in her body. This is a common but overlooked symptom of this infection. A woman may associate the extreme itchiness with hygiene issues although that may not always be the case if it is due to yeast infection. If the itchiness continues even after a woman tries to keep herself hygienic, then the itchiness may be due to yeast infection. If that is the case, further follow-up at the nearest doctor is advised.

Discharges are yet among the less regarded symptoms of yeast infection since discharges are common among women. But it’s important for them to fully take note of the discharges as it can also be among the symptoms of possible yeast infection. If the discharge has a cottage cheese-like texture, then there’s a great possibility that yeast infection causes the problem and further follow-up is needed.

If a woman experiences pain during sexual intercourse, it may be due to yeast infection. Although many others may only see this as a sign of urinary tract infection, this is actually one of the most serious symptoms of a yeast infection especially if a woman has this pain going on for some duration. This will no doubt affect their daily lives but also their relationships with their partners. It is vital to have this problem checked if this symptom is detected to ensure that it does not continue to grow.

There are many other symptoms of a yeast infection but the three symptoms mentioned above are some of the most common symptoms among women. It is vital to check with the nearest doctor or physician if there are any such symptoms showing up frequently. It is better to have this infection prevented than to have it cured.

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