What Is Micro Dentistry?

Which would bring about better results, a sandblaster or a drill? This question has been asked by dentists. The air abrasion technique which is the latest method that dentists use to remove decay does not give patients the jitters anymore unlike the old method which is Novocain that requires drilling of the teeth. Rest assured that this technique won’t hurt the patient since it doesn’t involve a drill or a shot.

Most patients who have experienced micro dentistry were impressed by how it works and what the results are. Right after the method, they didn’t hesitate to eat lunch because there was no soreness felt. This definitely is an effective way to remove decay and fix the teeth.

What micro dentistry aims is to change how people’s views are in going to the dentist. Definitely, this will change how dentistry is viewed. The cost of air abrasion systems is around $8,000 to $10,000. The aluminum oxide serves as the sand, and the nitrous oxide provides the blast.

Hydroxide is the ingredient used in making toothpaste and antacids wherein it is produced in the mouth when aluminum oxide reacts with saliva. The most prominent sound during the process is the quiet vacuum which sucks out all the aluminum oxide in the mouth.

Patients interpret the process of drilling as a painful process because once the drill touches the tooth, it creates heat which the patient recognizes as pain. More tooth than the usual needs to be cut in drilling. No extra cutting, no cracking of teeth, no heat and little vibration are the characteristics of air abrasion.

As for micro dentistry, it sure does involve less pain. There will be no nerve exposed in this method for this only produces a small hole. It has been 20 years since decay detection dye was used by the Japanese researchers are also now used in this process.

If you see pointed metal picks, then these are called explorers which what the dentists usually do in order to locate decay. Indeed, explorers are more accurate than X-rays because the latter delivers 25 percent accuracy. If an X-ray will be used to identify decay, it would usually take 2-4 years before it can be recognized by the equipment.

Decay detection dye and explorer are the two apparatuses that dentists use to identify and illustrate to the patient the very small decay occurring in one’s tooth. The latest trend today is micro dentistry which complements the air abrasion technology which was discovered in the 1950s.

Micro dentistry is a bit expensive than the usual method of dentistry since it uses resin and metal fillings. In micro dentistry, dentists have decided to put an extra charge but for regular filing methods, old charges apply. Different insurance categories would now take care of this.

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