What New Parents Should Know About Their Baby’s Skin Care

Many parents think that they don’t need to do much at all to keep their children s skin clean. These parents seem to assume that a baby has an easier time of fighting off acne and other conditions than an adult does. After all, babies have lots of time before puberty hormones set in and they have to worry about acne or other problems. The honest truth is that babies do have very specific needs when it comes to caring for their skin.

This is why you need to establish a regular skin care routine as soon as your baby is born. The earlier on in life you start teaching your child the importance of caring for his or her skin the better prepared he or she will be for fighting acne and other issues when they get older. Here are some hints others have found helpful when developing a baby skin care routine.

Your baby’s bath can be short; it does not have to be long. In fact, if your baby’s bath is too long it can do more harm to your baby than good! The bath need only be long enough to wet the baby down, soap him up and then rinse him off. Once you have rinsed off your baby, rub some light (baby) lotion or moisturizer into his skin and then towel him dry. Thorough drying is imperative to make sure that your baby does not develop a rash or a yeast infection. Remember how rolly and polly a newborn baby’s skin is! You want to use a soft towel to do the drying!

A baby’s skin does not get very dirty so you don’t need to use very much soap to keep him clean. A few drops are about all you need to clean him thoroughly. If you use too much soap you could dry out his skin which will leave him vulnerable for skin irritants. Your baby’s skin should not come into direct contact with the actual soap. Squeeze the drops onto a washcloth and then use the lather to clean your baby’s body. Don’t try to lather up your baby’s whole body too early–get used to the process by washing one part of your baby’s body at a time. A soapy baby can be scary to handle!

A newborn baby needs specific types of skin care products. Don’t use skin care products meant for babies older than six months of age on your newborn. Life outside the womb is much different than life inside the womb which means that it takes time for your newborn baby’s skin to adjust. It is extra sensitive and more prone to irritation than the skin of older babies and toddlers. When you go shopping double check to make sure that the products are meant for newborns. The number one element of skin care is keeping it clean. That’s right, it mostly all comes down to staying clean, that’s the big secret. Adult products are not appropriate for a baby, in fact, they only really need very basic products to achieve visible results. Don’t use your baby as a lab mouse with these products because they aren’t made for babies. This is so simple, just get your info from a credible source. You will love the can that you can put your baby in.

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