What Type Of The Best Skin Care Product To Choose From

Even though you will have a lot of advice about which the best skin care product is; there is no doubt the fact that the best such products are those which are free of ingredients that may cause cancer or are suspected to result in the condition. Unfortunately, there are a number of brands selling skin care products which are suspected of causing cancer and Neutrogena is a case in point since its oil-free foundation has been linked to cause cancer and even to cause problems with reproduction and even to cause allergies.

Look for Advice

Therefore, it is important that you first of all get the advice of organizations such as Campaign for Safe Cosmetics or the Environmental Working Group regarding which the best skin care product is. The latter organization has its own database that is called Skin Deep in which various cosmetics are rated based on the kind of ingredients that are contained in each product. Many people may be under the impression which Avon makes the best skin care products; nevertheless, after you check this company by tapping into Skin Deep, you will find out that this company’s products contain ingredients which cause a user to develop cancer and perhaps other illnesses such as eye irritation; skin irritation and also lung irritation.

The best skin care products are actually certain to be those which are created by companies which are signatories to ‘Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ compact for global production of safe health and beauty products. It’s also possible to search the database maintained by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to see whether a particular manufacturer of skin care products has signed the compact or not.

It is also very surprising to learn that big name skin care product manufacturers like Christian Dior aren’t at all very concerned about marketing safe skin products – and thus, it’s important that you think carefully before you think about these big name brands to be among best skin care product manufacturers – the same goes for other famous brands such as Estee Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel who also pay scant attention to safety; they are only worried about costs and profits.

It is much far better to think about natural skin care products as being the best skin care products since such products provide you with a choice in which you won’t need to worry about being at risk of developing skin cancer because there are no hazardous chemicals present in the products. The bottom line as far as finding the best skin care product is that you should find products that are made by health supplement companies since these companies are known to pay more attention to the health of your skin and are less concerned about income.

When you want products to keep your skin beauty and healthy, using organic skin products will be a great selection for you. You can also consider organic hair coloring when you would like to color your hair.