Would You Like to Be Smarter?: A Closer Look at the ZOX Pro Training System

Everybody wants to be at least a tad smarter–some folks even dream of being much smarter. The developers of the ZOX Pro Training System want to teach you how to unlock the power of your brain and, in effect be smarter. Is it possible to train your brain into a smarter brain? Can making your brain smart be accomplished? Does this system truly do what it claims to do? We thought we’d find out by taking a deeper look at the system so that we can help you decide if you want to get it.

The main idea behind the ZOX system is teaching your brain to be smarter by becoming a speed reader. Basically, the program is one that teaches you how to speed read through, well, just about everything. The basic technique taught in the ZOX Pro Training System is called “Memory Photography” and it shows you how to take a “mental photograph” of a full page so that you can remember it at a later time.

For students, one of the hardest areas of learning is being able to sit through all of the reading they need to do and then remember what they have read afterward. This is essentially the case with students with learning impairments like dyslexia, ADD and ADHD. The ZOX Pro Training System is developed to help the reading part of learning to be a lot faster. Essentially, you can read entire articles or even whole books in only a few minutes. If you progress through the ZOX program closely, you’ll be able to read much faster and recall what you’ve read afterward. This can truly improve the confidence of those who aren’t very good readers.

Dr. Richard Welch (based on a book written by Shannon Panzo) designed the ZOX Pro Training System. Dr. Welch has over thirty years of experience with how the brain works and recalls information. Welch’s Memory Photography system is built upon the combination of his own research and experience and the theories and information found within Panzo’s book. On paper, it all looks pretty good.

This program does not have a low cost. It is presently selling for just less than two hundred dollars but for that two hundred dollars, you get a variety of learning modules to help you work through the program as well as a bunch of bonus materials to help you put what you have learned in the course to further use. So if you feel that videos, audio files, lessons and eBooks are worth $200 you will probably think the selling price is reasonable.

Our chief issue with the ZOX Pro Training System is that being able to read something quickly is all great but that doesn’t necessarily make you smarter. It is learning how to process and understand what you read that helps you get further in school. Though if the reading process itself is extremely difficult for you, the rest of it will in all likelihood be a struggle too. In this aspect, the ZOX Pro Training System is a wonderful tool to have at your disposal.

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