Affordable Activities For You And Your Partner

To have a quality time alone with your partner doesn’t have to cost the earth, it’s the time you spend together that’s important. There is no need to constantly dine in smart restaurants; these might actually affect your time together as you can’t really talk.

A quick call to your local trade of commerce or a look online should bring up a host of activities or events in your locality which either cost only a couple of bucks or are free. This is especially good in the summer as you can attend outdoor theater shows or concerts.

A lot of towns now have performances of plays and movies showing at greatly reduced prices in the afternoon or midweek. You don’t have to go out on a Saturday night like everyone else, during the week prices are cheaper and places are also a lot quieter.

Two more ways of spending time with your loved one without spending a penny is to go for a bike ride or have a fun game of tennis on the free courts at the park. These activities always provide a laugh and you are also getting fit as a bonus.

Hours of fun can even be had in the backyard with one of those cheap badminton sets that you take with you when you go camping.

Everyone is struggling financially at the minute; gas prices are rising constantly and babysitters don’t come cheap. There are some great nights in to be had with your loved one with are extremely frugal.

If you have young kids wait until after they are in bed, older kids can be bribed to stay out of the way with extra computer time etc. Then why not have a romantic picnic on the living room floor, or out in the yard?

Grab every opportunity to spend time alone with your partner without the distractions of kids; TV, cell phones etc. Those times are vital in every relationship.

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