Are Vasectomy Doctors and Urologists The Same? Find Out!

No. Vasectomy doctors and urologists function differently specializing in their respective fields of medicine.

Vasectomy Doctors

Vasectomy doctors exist because of one main reason: to keep men sterile. These doctors are physicians who perform surgical procedure called vasectomy. When men decide to become sterile, vasectomy doctors come in action. These medical professionals are highly trained to perform vasectomy. For men who will undergo this kind of surgery, it is important that he feels comfortable to unleash his most private part with his vasectomy doctor.

While not all vasectomy doctors can perform vasectomy reversal, the former still plays a role even after vasectomy is performed. When complications are noted post-op, vasectomy doctors are always available to rule out causes and suggest accurate treatment.

In general, vasectomy doctors are not only answers to men’s request for sterility but they also play a vital role in keeping a family secure and happy.


When one suspects impairment in the urinary tract, a urologist must be consulted. A urologist is a specialized physician who is highly trained in treatment of urinary tract infection both in male and female. A urologists also specializes in treating disorders in the male reproductive organ. The scope of care of a urologist varies from different fields of medicine including internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecologist among others. Most visits to a urologist are caused by abnormalities in medical examinations like hematuria or blood in the urine, abnormalities of prostate detected after a prostate exam, and abnormalities of kidneys detected on X-ray. For men, aspects of infertility and testicular problems are grounds for seeking help from a urologist.

Most vasectomy doctors are certified urologists. In vasectomy cases that extend beyond vasectomy itself, a certified urologist in the person of the vasectomy doctor on-board comes in action.

Finding the Best Vasectomy Doctors
When a man is certain on having a vasectomy, then the search for the best vasectomy doctor/s starts. Candidates for vasectomy must not take this step of finding a vasectomy doctor for granted. Although sterility is certain, infection is not. Allowing an inexperienced vasectomy doctor do the wrong cut may cause severe surgical complication than sterility itself. The best vasectomy doctors are equipped with skills and expertise in the field and beyond. Most of these surgeons are board- certified urologists as well.

Finding the Best Urologists

When there is recurrence of urinary tract infections and concerns in male reproduction, there is a need to seek help from a urologist. Finding the best urologists in town is an addition to your workload. However, infections that are treated only by a urologist must be addressed at the earliest time of detection. You may ask some reliable sources for referral to a urologist. When covered by a health insurance, call your provider and ask for a list of urologists available for consultation.
Now that you know the difference between vasectomy doctors and urologists, don’t confuse yourself any longer about whom to consult for a specific medical concern. Negligence to seek medical attention results to more complicated health issues. As soon as initial step is taken, theses medical experts provide you with a detailed plan of care. Negligence on their part results to medical malpractice which is penalized by law. So before worse things happen, have yourself checked by a health specialist.

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