Philip D English

Anxiety in Children: Insight into The Plight of An Anxious Child

Few would argue that stress and anxiety are an integral aspect of living! Each and every one of us, at some time in our lives, has experienced bouts of anxiety. Even children have their occasional anxious moments of anxiety. But the one difference between a youngster and an adult when confronted with anxiety is, the majority of adults are able to deal with their anxiety and have found methods to overcome their worries and carry on irrespective of them..

Anxiety Disorders In Children Versus Extra Curricular Activities..

It is only natural that parents want to prepare their children for adulthood and want them to be successful in whatever profession they choose – but recognizing the fine line, between the anxiety symptoms children display and the stress caused by the extra-curricular activities many parents are prescribing for them, is almost impossible. In the early years some parents push their children to the limit by over-scheduling extra-curricular activities. Starting in early childhood and continuing on into their teens until they graduate, what these parents may not be realizing is, that in the early years, by not giving children the opportunity to play pretend and enjoy the company of other kids and the time to entertain themselves on their own, this over-emphasis on the future could be causing severe anxiety disorders.