Lingual Braces Becoming a Popular Choice

Lingual braces are placed on the back on your teeth so that no metal or very little metal will be shown when talking or smiling. They work in a very close manner to the way traditional braces work. The biggest difference is cosmetically.

Your orthodontist will take impressions of your teeth that are typically done with any straightening. These will be sent out and made in a lab custom to your bite. This fitting will be specific to your bite. Once they come in from the lab, you will go in for a longer visit than your other visits for placement.

Adjustments are a normal part of any orthodontic treatment. Some level of discomfort can be expected but is kept down to a minimum with lingual placed braces over traditional bands. This is a normal process of the straightening procedure. You will also have follow up visits to track your progress and any necessary adjustments made.

Since they work within the same time frame as typical orthodontic hardware, you can expect the same types of follow up visits. This option is recommended for patients who play any contact sports so that no cuts or damages can happen to the lips or cheek area. For people who have any reactions to plastic products, this can alleviate that concern. The biggest advantage is cosmetic.

You will want to research and find an orthodontist that specialises in this method of straightening as not all orthodontists will be able to do them. They require special training and certifications.

Most orthodontic treatments require that you avoid certain foods and beverages. They will have you refrain from using gum or eating any sticky foods. It is also recommended you avoid heavy juices or colas with acids. This can cause not only erosion to the enamel of the teeth, but to the hardware as well.

Some patients experience a slight lisp or mild form of speech impediment until you get used to wearing them. You can also get different dental appliances to wear at night that will put extra pressure on the teeth to allow them to align properly and stay in the proper place.

There can be noticeable differences in your appearance as the teeth straighten. This comes across in a short time with crowding, overbites, under bites or gaps in general that need straightening. Lingual braces are one of the better options for different types of challenging cases. As many people consider their appearance and smile as one of their best features, it’s a great idea to check out this treatment option.

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