The Perfect Eyeglass Frames For Women

Eyeglass frames for women are as stylish and individualized as the woman herself. There are hundreds of styles and brands available to choose from to match every occasion possible. Eye wear is now considered an accessory, not a birth control device.

The hardest part of eyeglasses is finding the right style to match your needs and face. Take a look in the mirror, what is the shape of your face? Do you prefer metal frames, rimless or bold plastic frames?

To begin, there are seven general facial types. You can be square, oval, round, diamond, heart, and triangle shaped. The importance of knowing your facial type is to rapidly narrow your search for the perfect set of glasses.

Faces that are equally proportioned between chin and forehead are considered square. To contrast the strong features, rounded shapes are suggested. If you want to be bold, try a butterfly design.

An oval face is well balanced in all of the features, the forehead is only slightly larger than the chin and the cheeks are typically high. Consider yourself a luck person if this is your facial type, these features can be paired with any style. If you would like to stand out, try something geometric.

People with oblong faces have high foreheads and cheekbones, with long noses. Your features give the impression of being longer than wide. To distract from the length, try something with heavy top rims or temples with a little extra, these items will give width to your appearance.

If you are a cherub, you are considered to have a round face. Your features are equal in length and width. To give your face more definition stick to designs that are geometric, like a rectangle, or have strong defined angles.

Women with distinct cheekbones as the drawing feature of their face and smaller foreheads and chin are graced with a diamond shape. Keep the focus on your cheeks by choosing a pair of cat eyes. You may also want to try an oval design or rimless form.

Heart faces, like the favorite Valentine’s symbol, you have a broad forehead with wide cheeks that gradually narrow to a small chin. To bring some width to the narrowing lower face try frames that are bottom heavy. Want to distract from your forehead? Give a round or narrow design a try.

Triangle faces, you are unique with your narrow forehead which then widens at the cheekbones and the chin. Try a semi-rimless design, they will bring attention to the upper portion of your face. A top-heavy style can also balance out the jaw line.

Each of the seven facial types have general suggestions for best correlated designs, that have used to fit the most famous people. You may not like the suggestions, and find you look better in a different style. The important thing is to find what you like and are comfortable in, there are a wide range of eyeglass frames for women to look at.

Clear vision care begins with finding the optimal pair of glasses and contact lens to suit your needs. There are online retailers that offer an extensive selection of cheap glasses and eyeglass frames for men at affordable prices.