Christine Cole

Symptoms Of Anxiety

It is absolutely normal to be worried during stressful situations. In fact, anxiety can be good for you since it is the body’s biological way of reacting to danger. It helps a person become more alert and firm, and it also aims them to action. Nevertheless, there are times when this anxiety already intervenes with your life that it is beginning to affect yourself and even your relationship to others. At this point, anxiety stops to be a considerable phenomenon and becomes a trouble.

How Anxiety can Bear On Your Life

Most people believe that anxiety problems are all in the mind. Nevertheless, if you get a closer look at what anxious individuals feel, you will see that their anxiety also reaches out to the physical level. That is because anxiety is a normal reaction of the body when it becomes stressed. It actuates the fight-or-flight response, setting the body for action. It is like setting up oneself on survival mode.