John Fleming

Why Take Fish Oil Supplements?

Research has established many benefits in taking fish oil supplements.Getting the recommended daily amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet has been shown to have many benefits to your cardiovascular system. Besides thinning the blood, adding fish or fish oil supplements to your diet can lower a type of blood fat called triglycerides while increasing the proportion of HDL cholesterol in your blood. All of these factors work to keep your heart healthy and help to cut down the risk of heart attack.

Turbocharge Fat Loss With Omega-3 And Exercise

Fat Loss is easy. For some people. For the rest of us, losing weight is a never ending job. So, why is it so easy for some and so hard for others? Genetic differences between people can lead to some significant differences in metabolism and can influence weight loss. Finding out how your body metabolizes calories and how you can influence fat loss with supplements is one of the keys to getting control over your weight.

4 Top Reasons Diets Fail

Losing weight is the national pastime. Everyone starts off full of hope and enthusiasm. You lose a few pounds and everything seems great. Weeks later we’ve given up and it’s back to normal. So looking back, why did the diet fail?

Shun White Foods To Lose Weight

People trying to lose weight are faced with an endless supply of helpful advice. Cutting through the bad advice is almost as hard as cutting calories. However, there is some simple knowledge that can be proven time and again to help you lose weight.

Secrets Of The Fit And Fabulous

Everyday we see people who look fit and healthy and sometimes if feels like they know some secrets that we don’t. The goal of getting to a target weight or just losing any weight at all that doesn’t come right back sometimes seems like an unattainable dream. Maybe imitating people who are already slim would get us there too?

5 Keys To Weight Loss

When you are dealing with a subject as complicated as human metabolism, it’s pretty hard to come up with a set of rules that will work equally well for everyone. However, there are some traits shared by everyone, and that means that some basic principles can be developed.

Why Do Yoga? Here’s 5 Reasons

Considered by many to be simply a new age exercise fad, yoga has been around a long time and has helped thousands of people to improve their physical and mental fitness. Yoga has come to be embraced by everyone from the elderly to professional athletes. Basketball, baseball and football players now regularly practice yoga for the increased flexibility, improvements in balance and resistance to injuries gained by regular yoga sessions.

7 Great Ways For Women To Start Getting In Shape

The one thing that almost all women can do to improve their appearance, look younger and feel better about themselves is to begin an exercise program. For me, the hardest part of my morning run is making myself get out of bed. After that it just gets easier! So make yourself take that first step and begin your own self improving fitness program.